Thank you for Cooperation

We would like to thank to all participants, universities and academic staff who were taking part on Erasmus+ project Cooperation with Third Countries

Welcome on Erasmus + Programme page.

We are very pleased that the EU program for education, training and sport allowed us to make this mobility. More information can be found on the National Agency page.

Erasmus + program cooperation with third countries is not only about mobility, coaching and mentoring, it's also about making new friendships, discovering new aspects of the host country and, not least, it's about shifting the academic borders for each participant. Together we are stronger, smarter, more innovative. Enjoy Erasmus, be part of something bigger than you are!


Our website is to provide all the necessary information for participants or interested academics and students. We will be happy if you write us yours suggestions or insights. Also we would like to present experience and achievements of our colleguaes involved in the project. Participants' contributions can be found in the blog category. In this project, Erasmus +, we cooperate with the ten partner universities from Albania, Bhutan, Montenegro, Indonesia, Mexico, Thailand and USA.